Coppolaw can provide legal translations quickly, efficiently and accurately. We have a team of highly skilled experts who we call upon to provide top quality legal translation services to our customers.  

We know that with legal translation, there is no margin for error and that any mistake could lead to serious consequences.    

All our translations are matched to individual, subject area experts and we translate all types of legal documentation- including contracts and agreements, judgments, opinions, claim forms and responses, bundles of evidence, articles of association and regulatory information.

Every legal translator we work with translates only into their mother tongue. 

We provide translation to the following languages:


- Italian to English

- English to Italian

- Italian to Spanish

- Spanish to Italian

- Italian to French

- French to Italian

- Italian to Russian

- Russian to Italian

- Italian to Portuguese

- Portuguese to Italian

We are also able to provide translation to other languages not listed above upon request. 

To obtain your quote, e-mail us the document you require translation of and the language to: or call us now.

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