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Coppola Law's Italian and English lawyers are experienced in advising on setting up new businesses in Italy, the UK and Europe. The team of lawyers in Italy will guide you through the necessary steps and provide cost-efficient legal solutions to ensure that the start-up process for entrepreneurs is fast and successful. Coppola Law has offices in Palermo and Rome. Our lawyers can assist you with: - Entity selection and incorporation - Tax efficient solutions - Jurisdiction and forum shopping - Tax implications - Business contracts - Cross border commercial law - Cross border employment law - Setting up off-shore - Dispute resolution - Intellectual Property rights an exploitation of IP - Day to day legal advice WWW.COPPOLAW.COM or e-mail us: +39 334 3756736 hashtag#italyhashtag#startupshashtag#ukhashtag#lawfirmhashtag#businesshashtag#taxlaws #italy #london #rome

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