How to obtain italian citizenship.

Italian citizenship is currently regulated by Law No. 91/1992 (and related implementing regulations: in particular, Presidential Decree No. 572 of October 12, 1993 and Presidential Decree No. 362 of April 18, 1994) which, unlike the previous Law, revalues the importance of individual intention in the acquisition or loss of citizenship and recognises the right to hold more than one citizenship at the same time. The principles on which Italian citizenship is based are the following: – citizenship acquired for having Italian parents/ancestors (“ius sanguinis”); – citizenship acquired for being born on Italian soil (“ius soli”) in some cases; – the possibility of dual citizenship; – the declaration of willingness to acquire or renounce citizenship. In particular: 1. CITIZENSHIP AS A RESULT OF ITALIAN PARENTS/ANCESTORS (“ius sanguinis”) Article 1 of Law No. 91/92 lays down that a person acquires Italian citizenship when born to father or a mother who are Italian citizens or if you have a italian grandparents. 2. CITIZENSHIP GRANTED TO PERSONS BORN ON ITALIAN SOIL (“ius soli”) 3. CITIZENSHIP BY MARRIAGE TO AN ITALIAN CITIZEN OR BY CIVIL PARTNERSHIP The foreign spouse can acquire Italian citizenship upon request, if the following requirements are met: in Italy: two years of legal residence after marriage; abroad: three years after marriage; abroad: three years after marriage or since the date of acquisition of Italian citizenship by naturalization. 4. ACQUISITION BY RESIDENCE. Article 9 of the Law envisages the granting of Italian citizenship by Decree of the President of the Republic, providing for different ways and methods based on specific requirements of the applicants and graduating the period of legal residence necessary to legitimize the submission of the related application.

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