Coppolaw provides Statutory Declarations, Certification of Documents, Oaths and Affidavits, Witnessing Documents and Notary Services.

Certified Copies of Documents
Sometimes certified copies of documents are needed for organisations who want a copy of the original which has been verified as a true copy of the original without seeing the original. We can do this at short notice. E-mail us now with your request and we will provide you with a quote and an appointment.

Oaths and Affidavits
An oath or affidavit is a document which needs to be sworn before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths.  The document has to be sworn whilst holding a bible or other holy book or affirming.  It is usually for documents which are going to be used in court including probate oaths.  By swearing an oath or affidavit you will be confirming the truth of the document as if on oath in court.  Swearing something on oath which is untrue could leave you open to a charge of perjury which could lead to a fine or imprisonment.

Usually we will have someone here at short notice who can help you to swear the affidavit. It will really help if you ensure that you have the document ready when you see the solicitor.

Statutory Declarations
These are similar to affidavits and are usually used for property matters or other times when evidence under oath is needed outside of court.  They are declared as opposed to sworn and a bible or other holy book will not be used.  

Witnessing Documents
There is no benefit to having a document witnessed by a solicitor.  Often institutions will require a document witnessed by a solicitor to ensure certain advice is given on the document. 


Sometimes documents, mainly international documents need to be notarised.  In these circumstances we can introduce you to a local Notary Public at another firm of solicitors who will talk to you about the requirements.

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